Premier Murder Weekend

Premier Murder Mystery Weekend, from £2695

Murder Mystery Weekend Hire UK Nationwide

Our Premier Murder Weekend runs across three days and offers the ultimate murder mystery experience.  A team of six Perfect Murder actors creates a fun and mysterious live-action event, perfect for both private and corporate clients alike.  The Premier Murder Weekend is particularly suited to large country houses and quality hotels wishing to offer an exclusive murder mystery to their guests.

Featuring a cast of six professional actors, selected by Perfect Murder for their expertise in the art of immersive theatre, this is an entertainment experience not to be missed.

Perfect Murder has taken inspiration from popular mystery works by the likes of Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham and Dorothy Sayers, and created our own unique stories and plots that are full of twists and turns, red herrings and suspicious characters, all cleverly woven into a live performance featuring actors hand picked by our Creative Director.

Perfect Murder events are not scripted plays or dull, staid scenes.  We work face-to-face with your guests, so they are truly immersed in the murder mystery action from start to finish.  The plot, clues, background and relationships between the characters are revealed in real-time, meaning guests will get to know each suspect as the murder mystery unfolds over the two days.

‘We had a blast from start to finish.  Finally got to live my dream of being Miss Marple!  Amazing weekend, highly recommended’  Emma Cox, Guildford

Perfect Murder’s Premier Murder Weekend is the perfect entertainment for country houses and similar venues looking to host a quality murder mystery event.  It is also recommended for corporate bookers wishing to entertain their colleagues or clients in a quintessentially English way.  Perfect Murder works with you to ensure satisfaction all round and our attention to detail and skilled talent means you can rely on us to deliver a top-class murder mystery on your behalf.

Premier Murder Weekend was designed to run over three days, however, it is flexible and we can adapt our format to suit most requirements.  We also offer a Mini Murder Mystery Weekend that runs over two days.

Example Premier Murder Weekend

Friday, 7.30pm.  Guests gather for pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room / bar.  They are joined by the Perfect Murder actors and the murder mystery begins.  Our actors are in full theatrical costume, suitable period background music is supplied and full-colour guest literature is available as the mystery starts to unfold.

Friday, 8.00pm.  Guests are invited to the dining room.  The murder mystery runs continuously and the story is revealed as the characters join guests at the dining table.  There are clues, hints and evidence delivered face-to-face by our immaculately costumed team of actors.  Everything, including the ‘murders’, happens in real-time, but you have to be quick to spot whodunnit!  Our events have been designed to be witty and light-hearted, but tricky enough to tax even the keenest sleuth.  This makes Perfect Murder events the ideal choice for anyone wanting to host a murder mystery, as they are suitable for seasoned mystery fans and first-timers alike.

Friday, 10.00pm.  The first day’s events reach a dramatic climax and our skilled Perfect Murder detective will call on guests for assistance in solving the crime.  Guests are free to enjoy themselves for the rest of the evening, but beware; there is a killer on the loose!

Saturday, 9.00am.  Breakfast.  Guests are joined by the remaining suspects and your Perfect Murder detective will initiate some in-depth questioning based on the previous night’s events.  Just when it appears that the motives for the murder have been uncovered, events take an unexpected twist and once again everyone is under suspicion.  A Mystery Pack is issued to guests, containing some additional clues and a challenge that, if completed, will lead them to a key piece of evidence hidden somewhere within the venue.  There is then free time for guests to enjoy as they wish.

Saturday, 4.00pm.  Afternoon tea hosted by the Perfect Murder team, complete with parlour games and Creative Activity for guests.  After this, there is free time for guests to enjoy the venue facilities.

Saturday, 7.30pm.  The Dinner Party.  Guests are once again joined by the characters for pre-dinner drinks.  The suspects will spend time with guests as further clues to the story are revealed.   The murder mystery plot is further expanded during the course of the evening, culminating in an exciting incident that leaves everyone convinced to lock their bedroom doors tonight!  There is time for dancing or music after dinner, and the characters will socialise with guests until 10pm.

Sunday, 9.00am.  The Denouement Breakfast.  The thrilling finale to a weekend of murder mystery fun, we present our denouement in the style of the Queen of Crime, Dame Agatha Christie.  Guests are given a Solution Sheet and invited to outline their case against the suspect they believe to be guilty of murder.  The suspects are lined up and the plot is revealed, with all the twists and turns explained.  The dramatic conclusion comes as the killer is unmasked and attempts to make good their escape!

Sunday 11.00am.  The Premium Murder Mystery Weekend concludes with the awarding of prizes and a quality Perfect Murder-branded keepsake to each guest.

What is included?

  • 6 x Perfect Murder professional actors in full period costume
  • Choice of storyline / plot
  • Period background music to add atmosphere to any space
  • Full colour guest literature
  • Period props and clues
  • Mystery Packs, Murder Mystery Quiz, Bonus Clues
  • Afternoon Creative Activity hosted by Perfect Murder
  • Solution Sheets & Pencils
  • Prizes
  • Perfect Murder Keepsake Gift for each guest

What is NOT included?

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Party Guests

Where can this be held?

Perfect Murder events can be held in virtually any venue, throughout the UK and Europe.  We perform hundreds of events each year in venues as diverse as exclusive-hire country houses, hotels, bars, restaurants and private homes.  We have also performed on trains, aboard boats and at outdoor events and festivals.  Because we work all over the UK and abroad, we are unable to offer assistance with venue-finding.  There are companies that specialise in finding you the perfect venue for your Perfect Murder:

Country Castle Company

Big Domain

Kate and Tom’s

I represent a venue and we would like to host a Murder Mystery Event, can you help?

Yes, we certainly can.  Perfect Murder provides entertainment to many hotels and venues.  You can choose from our Classic Murder Mystery, the Premier Murder Mystery Weekend as detailed above, or our Mini Murder Weekend.