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Why Choose Perfect Murder?

Live-action immersive murder mystery entertainment throughout the UK. We have packages suitable for groups from 6 to 260 guests and use professional, experienced actors in full theatrical costume to create live-action murder mystery entertainment.  Dinner-theatre style events throughout the UK.

Our Murder Mysteries are fully interactive, suitable for all ages and are professional productions that use period music and authentic props.  Our specially-written plots have been carefully crafted to intrigue and entertain in equal measure.

We don’t sell tickets to public events, we specialise in providing murder mystery entertainment to clients wishing to host a murder mystery at a venue of their choice.  Our actors are available to hire throughout the UK and we provide everything you need for a successful murder mystery.

Perfect Murder is a long-established murder mystery company and has been providing quality Murder Mystery events for over twenty years.  Our unique interactive, immersive style is created by our use of professional actors, each individually chosen by our creative director.

We offer Agatha Christie-style murder mystery events throughout the UK and Europe.  Our Murder Mysteries are all written by our in-house team, based on the best of the murder mystery genre and such writers as Edgar Wallace, Arthur Conan Doyle and of course, the doyenne of the mystery novel, Agatha Christie.

What makes us different?  Perfect Murder events are hosted and run by our very own mystery writer, amateur sleuth and local celebrity Miss Mapletree.  Miss Mapletree adds a uniquely comic element to our events, she has been described as ‘tour-de-force of audience interaction and comedy’.  Our actors are immaculately costumed and everything from our designer guest literature to period background music is supplied as part of our fee, meaning you are guaranteed a quality event.

We avoid ‘pastiche’ murder mysteries, so you won’t find ‘Murder at Fawlty Towers’ here.  Instead, we create unique stories that are presented by our professional actors and play out in real-time during the course of your event, meaning you and your guests are immersed in the action throughout.

Our 100% positive feedback is the result of our attention to detail and expertise in the live-event sector.

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How can I book tickets to a Murder Mystery?

We don’t sell tickets to murder mysteries or keep a list of venues that offer public events.  We provide murder mystery entertainment to venues, corporate parties and private individuals and our prices start from £595.

Do you do a Fawlty Towers / ‘Allo ‘Allo / Sherlock Holmes themed night?

No.  We produce murder mystery productions based on original scripts using professional actors.  Our murder mysteries are usually set in the 1930s or 1950s and rely on the quality of the storyline and our amazing team of actors to create a genuine period feel, but in a lighthearted, fun format.  If you want Fawlty Towers or similar, there are other companies out there that may suit you better.

Do you provide dinner / catering / drinks?

No.  We specialise in Murder Mystery entertainment.  Because we cover the whole country, we are unable to recommend outside caterers or bar companies.  If you are hiring an exclusive-hire venue, they will almost always have a list of preferred suppliers who will be able to help you.

Do you provide a venue for my event?

No, we provide murder mystery entertainment at a venue of your choice.  Murder Mystery entertainment can be supplied at any venue, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, cottages, manor houses, trains etc.  Once you’ve booked a venue, all you have to do is let us know.

Can my guests play a part in the story?

Yes!  You and your guests will be involved throughout.   Our Mini Murder Mystery lets some of your guests play the suspects in the storyline, but for larger groups our Classic Murder Mystery is better as our team of actors can ensure that everyone is involved by portraying the characters in real time, face-to-face with your guests.

Do Murder Mysteries have to run over a meal?

Ideally, yes.  We always recommend that your murder mystery runs over dinner.   We do not perform a play and we do not want the audience sat in silence.  Our events are social and guests should be seated in groups around dining tables.  We are there to entertain and we do this by moving around amongst your guests, allowing the story to unfold in real-time.  If you wish to have a murder mystery as stand-alone entertainment, you will need to consider what your guests are going to be doing the rest of the time; where will they sit, what will they drink etc.

Do we have to provide dinner for the actors

No, we do not eat with guests as we are working whilst you are eating!